The Asskickers
Genre Action -> Fighting
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Date N/A
Publisher AGO Games
Date N/A
Publisher AGO Games
Who deserves to get their ass kicked in 2010? The beat’em ups from the ‘90’s made those from the inner city out to be a dangerous population, and accordingly invited us to joyously kick their asses. Remember: How many hours did you spend on pummeling punks with their spiky green mohawks, prostitutes in fishnet stockings and red-haired thugs in classics like Streets of Rage or Final Fight? But today, zero tolerance and the state of the real estate market finally destroyed those formidable enemies that we spent our youth beating the crap out of. So what is left to do?

* virresponsible traders who have destroyed jobs, pension plans and homes by losing billions in shady business deals
* greedy managers who played blind to these practices and who tried to hide the reality of the situation and its consequences from their clients
* crooked politicians who pretend to serve the greater good while supporting the massive lobbies which financed their campaigns
* Daddy’s little boys and girls who think that their social status and parents’ connections give them the right to do anything they like
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