The Black Mirror
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2003-10-17
Date 2004-05-28
Publisher GMX Media
North America Retail Box ArtBritish nobleman, Samuel Gordon, has just returned to his homeland after a self-imposed twelve year absence. Reluctantly returning to his magnificent home, Black Mirror Manor, he is desperate to prove that the untimely death of his ancestor, William Gordon, was not just an unfortunate incident.' Samuel reads William's private diary and quickly discovers that there have been a number of mysterious deaths, and as he gets closer to these crimes, he realizes that he is very much at the centre of the mystery. Samuel must do all he can to solve the mystery and keep himself alive. A rich and interesting storyline to capture the imaginationThird-person graphical adventureSix comprehensive chaptersFeatures 23 individual charactersMore than 100 different locations, including: a medieval underground temple, a mental hospital and a cemetery)Atmospheric effects such as rain, fog and stormsHundreds of realistic animationsMany logical, inventory, environmental and tactile puzzles

- PC Products
- ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
- Adventure
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