The Broken Land Review

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Graphics: 5.0
Sound : 4.0
Gameplay : 3.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 4.0
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The Broken Land

Diablo wannabe? YES! Well, now you can read on, tough u may have an idea of what we are talking about. Everything is pretty basic here, and all in all it doesn't make for a bad gaming experience. Absolutely no multi-player, decent sprites graphic, shitty plain sounds and no music and pretty enjoyable although hard at the beginning gameplay. This is 'the broken land'. At the beginning you choose amongst four characters, being all pretty ugly. At first, seeing female characters, you will hope to see bouncing boobies, tough you will be soon forced to accept that those small sprites will not please your pig eyes. Well, everything you may think of in such a game is there, manna/magic, huge inventory, healing potions, swords, bows, huge looking monsters. Dear guys at A.P.F. with this game you are only 4/5 years late, anyway still an acceptable effort.

Graphics: 5/10 pretty basic graphics, 2d sprites, not enough frames to show movements, takes pretty much from the game, there is not even a cute intro or some movies, I hope it was supposed to be a shareware production. Also Diablo II had 640x480 resolution and sprites based graphics, though all together made a little better impression, hehe.

Sound: 4/10 shitty rumors, these cannot be called sounds, anyway they will give you an idea of what is happening, for sure graphics and sound together will not let you be able to get deep into your character.

Gameplay: 3/10 well going around pressing over the enemies may not be too boring at first, tough after few minutes you will find that there are way too many monsters around and this will highly slow down the gaming experience. Everything else is just normal... stores to buy stuff, enemies, gold... really nothing new. The click over enemy to fight it (a la diablo), given the huge number of enemies makes the game pretty useless.

Overall 4.0/10: hmmm, overall I guess this short review gave you the idea of what we are talking about. This would have been a good gaming project for a single guy, and prolly this is indeed one man work, tough compared to today gaming scene this game really fall into a well of shit. It may be even funny to play after a while, looking often to live points and using healing potions, tough I do not absolutely know any reason to get this game instead of lately released games like diablo 2. Nah, do not get it.