The Enchanting Islands
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 27846
Date 2009-03-04
Date 2009-03-04
In The Enchanting Islands, a young lady attempts to free five magic islands from the curse of an evil witch, who has turned the once lush and verdant realms into barren wastelands. To accomplish this important task, the player must collect the alchemic ingredients needed to return life to these formerly beautiful places. Between levels, the player can exchange the ingredients for upgrades, giving rise to meadows bursting with color, blossoming sakura trees and towering oaks. Each improvement will increase the population of the islands and have a renewing effect on the environment. The goal of each level is to collect a certain amount of resources within a limited amount of time. Players must create matches of three or more identical elements to fill their reserves, earn bonuses and win boss battles in which matched ingredients fall on the head of the invading monster.
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