The Ferryman
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Jiang is being paid by Master Fu to ferry his animals across the river. If Jiang doesn’t bring them across in the correct order, the animals left behind will attack each other and Jiang will fail.

Your task is to figure out the order in which the animals need to be ferried across. For instance, there may be two sheep and one fox on the dock. If you ferry one of the sheep over first, the fox will attack the remaining sheep and Jiang will fail. By ferrying and exchanging animals, you’ll have to figure out the correct sequence to bring all of the animals safely across the river to Master Fu.

Each level is timed and you can replay it if you want to try to beat your best time, or the expert time.

A lengthy story mode is included with 90 increasingly challenging levels to complete. There is a fully featured puzzle editor which allows you to create your own puzzles and upload them to our server and share with your friends

* Total of 90 tricky levels available
* Create-a-puzzle feature that allows you to create and share your own puzzles with your friends
* Time-attack mode
* Global high scores table to compete your puzzle solving skill
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