The Golden Horde
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Based on the same engine and gameplay principles as Ancient Wars: Sparta, The Golden Horde will include things as use of ice in battles on rivers and lakes, and use of explosives during sieges. There will be three playable sides in the game - Crusaders, Russians and Mongols. Each of them will have a set of special bonuses. The Golden Horde will also include 3 full-fledged campaigns, as well as a number of scenarios portraying historical battles. Those can be played by LAN or Internet.

Three totally different races. The Crusaders, the Mongols and the Russians. They are entirely different in means of development, in construction of buildings and in training of units. The Knights have heavily armored troops and great siege engines, the Mongol riders are fast and maneuverable, whereas the Russians are adepts of using weather and nature to aid their cause.
Each race has a large number of heroes with unique appearance and abilities.
Enemy weapons can be collected after battle and used to equip your own warriors. The same can be done with horses, siege engines and so on.
Maps are quite big and filled with neutral settlements, which allows wide possibilities for diplomacy, proselytism and even slave trade.
Enemy units can be persuaded to switch their side, either by the use of gold or faith.
Season, weather conditions and landscape will play a big role in the game, which could help a weaker side to defeat a much stronger enemy.
Besides traditional seas and lakes, there will be rivers and swamps, adding a new dimension to the battlefield tactics.
Large number of traps will be available, as well as multiple ways to use them. Those will include the use of explosives and fire against enemy fortifications.
The game supports powerful modern technologies (Chrome, Bump mappings, Specular, Shadow map). A physical model is a distinctive element of the gameplay – buildings, walls, trees etc. are governed by true-to-life physics. So a forest fire can destroy a big troop, and falling walls crush and bury siege towers.
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