The Guild 2 - Renaissance
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
“The Guild 2 – Renaissance” begins in the last day of a dark age when clergy and nobility had a stranglehold over all of Europe and the vast wealth of a few noble families was obtained through the blood and sweat of the commoners. Now however, as the 14th Century draws to an end, the first rays of a shining new age appear on the horizon: Common artisans and traders are gaining wealth and influence. More and more common people learn how to read and write, and the gentry loses many of its privileges. This is the onset of the Renaissance, an age of adjustment where ‘common’ people gain valuable individual freedom – and an age where trade, art and artisanry begin to bloom. “The Guild 2 – Renaissance” invites the player into a fascinating age of societal change. Can you keep up with this challenging new age?

• New scenarios
Additional scenarios set in “The Alps” and “The free Republic of the Netherlands” add detail to the world of “The Guild 2“
• Nine new careers
The player can decide between nine additional professions and thus decide which kinds of character to play.
• Maps expanded
The maps are up to four times the size of those in the original “The Guild 2“
• War and Peace
War keeps breaking out in the new game world – you’ll need to plan your tactics accordingly!
• God-Measures
Various tasks, such as purchasing a new title or running for an office (or forcing someone to marry you), can now be performed without having to have the main character present, which will save players lots of time.
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