The Guy Game Review

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Graphics: 3.0
Sound : 1.0
Gameplay : 3.0
Multiplayer : 3.0
Overall : 2.5
Review by Kurt Knudsen
The Guy Game is a game from... well who cares. It’s a mix of You Don’t Know Jack and Girls Gone Wild. Frankly the game isn’t bad for a trivia game. Its gameplay is different and pretty lame but the trivia is decent. The videos in the game are decent quality, definitely not DVD quality but they are watchable. The commentary is very annoying as is the drunken host.


This is easy. There are none. It’s a stupid menu driven by console controls. You can’t change the resolution, not that it matters.

So basically it’s a menu where you select the answer and then you watch a short clip that shows the chick’s answer. There is a small mini-game that has you shoot balls in holes to score points. It isn’t that great graphically but it works I guess.

The short clips are censored until you unlock them with the Flash-O-Meter. It will probably take you 5-7 questions to unlock this and then the rest of the game is in full nudity. Also you can select a little icon that is your player and she becomes undressed as your score increases.


As I said there’s some pretty annoying commentary that goes with the game. Some of it can be funny while most of it is just annoying. There is some small music playing in the background as you select your answer, fits the game well.

You have the host that asks the questions. Why the hell they chose him I do not know. He is quite annoying and looks extremely drunk, although he speaks well. I guess it’s better to have him then some boring old guy. I don’t know I would like to see Ben Stein or Jimmy Kimmel in there hosting the game than some unknown dude.


The game consists of 4 rounds. The go from a series of trivia questions that you answer and then guess if the girl got it right or wrong. Then you play a game with balls and holes, what the point is I do not know. Then you go on to guess what the girl said as the answer. In this round all the answers are wrong so you see a lot of boobies. The last round is a challenge of sorts called the Hottie Challenge. In this you have your girls from the previous round compete in some challenge. You pick your girl and then bet on her. If she wins so do you. Woopty doo.

You can play this game with other human players if they are available. There are things that can screw your neighbor like in You Don’t Know Jack. But since I don’t want to degrade myself in inviting people over to play this I didn’t test those.

The girls in the game range from WTF to Hawt. Sometimes I wonder where they got the balls to choose the girls to get naked, *shiver*. The majority of the girls are easy on the eyes and their goods are nice to look at. But in all honesty you don’t need a game to see some boobs.


If you are REALLY bored and REALLY horny and have absolutely no adult videos in your possession I guess you can try this game. It really makes no sense to me as to why they even came up with it.

Thankfully some of the questions are kind of hard and make you think. Other questions are quite obvious. Regardless YDKJ is better and funnier and it isn’t degrading. I hope the girls got more than a T-Shirt or beads when they signed up for this.