The I of the Dragon Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 6.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.5
Review by Scott 'TheGoodEvil' Allred
RPGs have long been made into “human kills monsters to save humans” very rarely do you see “monster kills monsters to save people” in fact that just sounds weird. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t been done too much, off the top of my head I can’t think of any RPG that set you as a beast saving people from beasts perhaps I’m getting old are haven’t played enough RPGs but that’s besides the point.

“Grr here comes my fire... poof! ahh crap”
“I of the Dragon” lets you choose 3 dragons to save mankind with a fire dragon, ice dragon, and acid dragon. Each has their own powers but I only had time to play 2 the ice dragon (magic dragon) and the fire dragon. The Fire dragon has a roaring blast of a poof ball... the early level fire dragon has a very weak fireball but you can charge it up to be a powerful blast that not only gives you a small damage boost but it also allows you to have to stay in one spot while hordes of enemies shoot goo and snot at you, yay. There are magic attacks that you can alternate with which can sometimes deal damage or stun enemies so you aren’t stuck with just the low level fireball as your only means of defense.

The controls are one of the biggest downsides to “The I of the Dragon”, clunky and bulky movements that lack the fluidity that a game of flight really needs. You need to use your mouse and keyboard to control the movement such as up/down, left/right, and forward/back and you have to be fast switching your fingers around to select attacks, spells, or movement because the mobs truly mob you. I’m talking like they will come from miles around to swarm you if you get low enough for them to attack you.

With the mob rules set as they are and the movement system the way it is along with some attacks taking forever it becomes a trial to kill one single monster let alone a hive. Hives are the most important targets because once destroyed you will stop the outflow of mobs and also might get lucky enough to pick up special stones that can be used to help your character after enough of one type of stone is found. The big drawback to attacking hives is they are pretty strong and mobs from all over the area will have enough time to get to you once you are in targeting range. This could have been done much better, instead you are stuck attacking one hive nearly dieing and then flying up and away very fast to avoid the huge amount of mobs attacking you.

It’s feeding time... crunch crunch crunch!
The absolute coolest feature is the feeding feature, I used feeding as my main attack because you swoop down very fast pick up your target and with the click of a button ole dragon boy begins to munch the hell out of its lunch! It’s cool to look at as blood will spit out from everywhere mwahahahaha. Using eating as an attack is one of the best attacks because it’s a one shot kill, you pick up your target and eat them... no “ifs” “ands” or “buts”.

Look at the pretty colors... oh crap it’s a dragon “run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”
The graphics in the game are decent, nothing earth shattering, nothing to call a technical marvel, but I must say the dragon models are stunning. They’re shiny and glowing, very detailed and just plain cool. If the rest of the game was paid as much attention I would have to get out the ole trusty #9 but for the most part if any other graphics are as stunning they can’t really be seen because you are always so high up.

The interface (while I understand why it looks the way it looks) is just plain not user friendly, nothing is easily identified, buttons seem to be there only to be looked at instead of being functional. You need to mouse over the buttons to learn what does what and in time of crisis I need to know what does what not guess. Confusing or not I like the way the interface looks I just hate the way it functions and that nothing is very easy to identify.

The hills are alive, with the sounds of crunching...
Since every map is an arena surrounded by cliffs you’d expect a great echo style of sound when playing or at least something cool. Flapping and crunching with some sweet sounds of burning little animals and mobs alike is the tastes of sound bites from “The I of the Dragon”. I am happy with the effects that are there but because you are flying there isn’t much to hear besides the flapping of your wings and the sound of you eating. The sounds that are there are nice but overall I’m not impressed.

TheGoodEvil’s verdict,
I like dragons, you like dragon, hell we all like dragons, but I will only recommend this to people that really like dragons and people who want to play something from a different view.

The Goods,
Dragon models are gorgeous, eating things is cool, a nice change from the stale humanoid saves humanoid RPG model, the interface is pretty

The Evils
Mobs really mob you, attacks are too slow and not powerful enough during the early levels, could use more ambient sounds, the interface is terrible, movements lack fluidity