The Land Before Time
Genre Kids -> Kids
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Date 2004-09-16
Publisher Brighter Child
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Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtDance to the beat of crazy music and play 150 levels of bubble popping action in this 3D puzzle game. Make your move and work quickly to take out the bubbles before they take you out. With rocking soundtracks and fast-pace game play Super Bubble Pop will keep you grooving to the beat for hours.Super Bubble Pop is a bubble based action puzzler game where the idea is to quickly and efficiently clear the grid of bubbles to advance to the next stage while gaining as many points aspossible. A crazy collection of DJs are waiting inside for their chance to become the ultimate popper. You are given the chance to pick from one of up to five characters each with their own unique Super Special Attack.You are given a sequence of bubbles which can be fired down the grid to make lines of bubbles of the same color that will then pop. Bubbles can be burst along the horizontal or vertical by creating any lines of three or more adjacent bubbles of the same color. Special Attacks and Bubbles keep the game play fast and furious.Happy Popping!!* Choose from up to 5 different DJ Poppers each with a special power-up and outrageous moves. * Training Chilled Groovin and HardCore difficulty set.* Each platform has its own unique set of 4 soundtracks. * Use up to 9 different Special Attacks to keep those bubbles back. * The Jukebox allows you to select the order you want to listen to all music tracks. * Use music stored on your hard disc as in-game music. Rip audio tracks to your hard drive through the dashboard and select to play them while inside the game. * Change the bubble skins and select cool background effects to customize your game. * Multi-player Matches allows 2 players to pop head-to-head. The 2 player game includes new power-ups that arent available in the single player game. ESRB Rating : E for EveryoneGenre/Category : PuzzleSystem : Xbox Number of Players : 12 Compatible Peripheral Features:

- Play interactive learning games with fun dinosaur pals
- Learn preschool and kindergarten concepts; 3 different skill levels
- Rewards include magical seeds and printable award certificates
- Full-color playing cards for away-from-the-computer fun
- For ages 4 to 6
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