The Longest Journey
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 3008
Date 2002-09-03
Publisher Funcom
Date N/A
North America Retail Box ArtThe world of technology and magic converge in this tale of mystery and spirituality. The two worlds of Stark and Arcadia, have been in harmony for aeons, thanks to what they call the "Balance". However, the Balance has started to crumble and the two worlds are set to collide and its fate rests in your hands. The Longest Journey is your basic adventure game, with the standard look-and-click method of play. The key to this enigma is April Ryan your alter ego in this alternate universe. The graphics are gorgeous, with cinematic cut sequences adding to the mesmerising plot. Special effects are generously placed throughout the game and the animation of April is excellent. The game designers have gone to the trouble of making the atmosphere of the game lifelike, with characters delivering lines at the right time to make the player feel that they are truly living in their alternative world. With plenty of puzzles in the game, they are logical and plentiful, but at the same time may be taxing at first and may require some lateral thinking to get them started. The Longest Journey lives up to its name, with the game being played over four discs. It's a wonderful gaming experience and gives a warm welcome to those new to the adventure genre. - -Alex Leung

- Have you ever had a dream that was so real, you weren't sure if you were actually awake or not?
- That's what April has been experiencing. Soon, she'll have to figure out what is dream and what is reality, by going on The Longest Journey
- In this epic adventure, you will travel through 150 locations, between the scientific city of Stark & the chaotic, magical Arcadia
- Interact with a cast of over 50 characters
- Work through a huge variety of puzzles and solve them to strengthen the bonds between Stark and Arcadia
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