The Magic Seal
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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You are the proud, strong and resourceful Prince of a distant, beautiful land... but not all is well in your magical kingdom. A sinister wizard kidnapped your beloved son and hid him amongst countless confusing mazes, deadly monsters and cunning traps. Now, only you can save the boy from your enemies - and it will take all of your courage, skill and intelligence to make it home safely.

More than 170 rooms of challenging and extremely addictive puzzles.
Build your own levels with the level editor.
Totally original concept and interface.
Pre-rendered 3D graphics, running at 800 by 600 resolution with more than 65,000 colors.
Nonlinear game play allowing you to explore freely.
Multi-step, ever-increasing problems to solve.
60 day money back guarantee.
Get the chance to play the castles built by other players.
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