The Magic Toy Chest
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 13184
Date N/A
Publisher Graduate Games
Date N/A
Publisher Graduate Games
The Magic Toy Chest is a Physics Based Puzzle Game for the Whole Family. It is inspired by classic retro 2D games such as "The Incredible Machine." Use 16 wacky and zany toys to create crazy sequences of events that get the desired toy into the Magic Toy Chest. Build block towers, lay down train bridges, jump backflipping dogs and much more!

16 Zany and Wacky Toys! Launch space rockets, hurl water balloons, build toy train bridges and more!
Puzzles are approachable to all ages, but only skilled players will earn extra stars by completing their chores in a timely and efficient manner
Clean up 8 different rooms of the house!
Fully Featured Level Editor! Make your own Levels!
Submit your created Levels in-game!
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