The Matrix Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2005-03-22
Publisher Sega
Date 2005-04-15
Publisher Sega
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Retail Box ArtThe Matrix Online is a massive-multiplayer online game that takes you into the world of the hit Matrix movies. After Neo won the battle for human freedom, a series of "redpills" were released from the Matrix and taken to the Desert Of The Real. The world they thought they knew is gone - and now they're soldiers in a secret war that goes on between Machines, Zionists, and Exiles, just below the surface of the world we see.

- Full recreation of the world seen in the Matrix films - -you'll be able to pull off the same incredible martial arts moves and Bullet Time effects
- Travel through a rich World Cityscape environment with traffic, living neighborhoods, and breathtaking skylines as you face a variety of enemies
- A robust mission system offers players maximum re-playability and depth
- Customizable skill/ability system allows players to download the appropriate skills and abilities for their character each time they jack into the game
- Plot lines continue the story where the movies end, for deep insight into the world of The Matrix
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