The Nations
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Date 2001-06-22
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtChoose your tribe and create a harmonious community. Rule it honestly and fairly while discovering new lands and skills. Fight for survival and power. You are in control of the lives of the people within The Nations. Take into account that everyone in the tribes is an individual with his or her own habits and characteristics that must be nurtured and developed. Do you have what it takes to rule The Nations?The Nations allows players to complete their goals in two different ways: While some warriors will try conquering the world in a more conventional destructive manner, not all players want follow this path. For this reason, the developers included a new option that allows peaceful players to follow a more nonviolent approach to uniting all tribes and nations. Each nation is now made up of several different tribes. The player takes control of one of the tribes, hoping to satisfy each individual's needs and demands within the tribe. Once this has been accomplished, members of other tribes, enticed by the player's leadership, will flock to join the player's tribe. An especially enjoyable consequence may occur when an entire tribe decides to give the player total control. Use diplomacy to build alliances and exchange technologies with various tribes and nations. Acquire money by trade and use it to build your tribe and keep members happy. Can't handle peaceful coexistence? Then employ a conquer-the-world strategy and see where it gets you. The developer has implemented an intelligent AI system that allows your subjects to think. Once the player has decided that wood needs to be chopped, lumberjacks will immediately follow the players wish, unless, of course, they are taking a break, sleeping, or are just unhappy with their living conditions.

- Select from any of three tribes, and choose which path you will lead them down -- a path or harmony or a path of war
- Define their laws and customs, helping them build a village for themselves
- Develop industry and farms, turning them into a treading power or a conquering power
- Will you create a legendary empire through trade, or through conquest?
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