The Reunion
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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North America Retail Box ArtNew Earth is now a thriving community. Self sufficient, stable and free from conflict and disease. The question of the Colony's day to day survival is no longer an issue for concern. Slowly we have developed to this point, avoiding the mistakes of our Old Earth ancestors and now our eyes are turning outwards to the stars. What lies out there? Is there life on other worlds? Could we colonize other planets in our Solar System? Inevitably our eyes will wander further across the void, to the distant Sun that warms the planet of our forefathers. What has happened since we left there, or more importantly perhaps, what happened to make us leave? It has been decided that the prime directive of the new administration will be to accomplish a reunion between the Old Earth and the New. We have bided our time and consolidated our position. Now we feel that the time is ripe to start this ambitious venture. This is the test that we feel inexorable drawn to, the unavoidable fate of our people. It is our destiny...

- Rare PC Gaming Title
- Winner AIT Award, PC Magazine and Guru Best + Award
- Classic bestseling strategy game where you build a civilization.
- PC: DOS, Windows 95/98 DOS Mode
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