The Saga of Ryzom
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
Today's Rank 1163
Date 2004-09-20
Publisher Nevrax
Date 2004-09-24
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtFeatures:
- Battle native tribes, the invading Kitin or the contamination of the Goo - your choices will decide the fate of entire regions
- Explore the world of Atys - uncovering the past while learning about the mysterious Prime Roots
- New Modular Action System -- from a set of pre-defined Actions, you can customize your own spells, attack patterns and crafting skills
- The RAID engine lets dozens of creatures launch offensives at the same time, challenging your players in epic battles
- Band together with other players as a guild, then take on missions to earn outposts and your own land
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