The Sims: Makin' Magic Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
Review by Derek L.
The final expansion for The Sims has arrived just in time. The Sims: Making Magic will add that hocus pocus to your gaming this Halloween. In this magic expansion, you can put an end to normal life and daily tasks and have your spells do all the dirty work for you, but be cautious as spells can jinx you and backfire to your dismiss. Exciting new features including brand new spooky characters, spells, recipes, ingredients and a whole pot of soup full of surprises and spells going bad that keep you expecting pretty much anything. This addon impressed me, and I really enjoyed playing with it. It makes life less stressing when you can have the house clean without much work and managing your love relationships. It's like candy for your sims.

The expansion starts off with a Magic Starter Kit at your door. The kit includes everything you need to start magic and even a portal that takes you to a different location. How great would it be if you could transform house objects into working minions to keep the house clean because your too busy doing something else, or turn your garden gnome into an actual gardener to take care of your flowers without wasting a single dollar on gardening. Play a magic trick around the garden flamingo and you get a sexy hostess, now that's what I call high class livin'. This expansion allows you to do that and more. Have dinner served with the blink of an eye. If you have played the game before, you know that sometimes fights with friends or family can occur, but in Makin' Magic that is no longer a problem, cook up another trick and turn that pesky neighbor into a frog. How amusing is that, it's like having god like powers, and the reason why I say this addon is like candy for your sims. Of course, life can't be that easy. Spells can backfire if you are not careful. A spell will backfire for different reasons. If you cast a spell on a sim that also knows the same spell, you run the risk of having it come back to you. Abuse of spells is another reason why things can backfire on you. If you always use spells and you do not actually need to do so, bad things such as toad infestations happen. The variety of spells that you can perform is really impressive. You really can do pretty much anything from pulling a rabbit from your hat to making someone fall in love with you and moving on to transforming your household objects into personal servants to keep the house on it's feet. Pretty much I find this expansion really lets you have fun all day and never won't to go to work again, it's almost like cheating!

The magic show has arrived in town. There's a brand new area which you can only visit by teleporting yourself there or taking everyone at home with a big balloon. It's called Magic Town. Here you can meet new characters in a spooky setting that makes you shrivel. Talk to Vicky Vampiress Apothecary Todd and buy ingredients with magic coins or do them favors or quests to get rare ingredients. You can even deal with the vendors, for example if you know one of the vendors dislikes a certain ingredient that you need, you can easily trade it in for something you have in abundance. Bring some dragon eggs home and hatch a dragon. This pet dragon goes around the house eating pretty much anything. I loved having a dragon that ate up all my garbage. Once you're ready for more challenge, you start performing tricks for the side show or spooky show. You start at a trick table and perform easy tricks like pulling rabbits out of hats and go on to more difficult tricks. If you like bigger challenges than you can face the best wizards of them all in the Dueling Arena. In this arena you pick four spells that are color coded, you must have the most spells of which the color dominates the ones that your opponent wizard had picked previous to the challenge.

That's not all, your sims can even build their own rollercoasters with the haunted house rides and go on the rides or even build mini golf courses. With different assembly pieces, you can build a ride pretty much anyway you can imagine it. If you already have the Vacation expansion you can even build your rides on islands. I spent at least an hour messing around with just this feature. Finally the last place in magic town is where you can buy your own house there. It takes lots of magic coins to purchase a lot there, but than you won't ever have to leave magic town and never live in a normal suburban environment ever again but set place in an Addams Family setting.

This expansion includes 175 brand new items. Some of the new items, will come in use very often in the game to the use of the rest of the addon features such as the grape and berry vines to make nectar and other items that allow you to create ingredients. Something interesting that should be mentioned is that kid sims have their own set of spells which makes it more exciting to have a kid in the house. One of the spells kids can perform is one that will turn them into adults instantly.


According to EA, this is the last expansion to this game until the anticipated release of The Sims 2. I understand why this is the last expansion because this is like the candy sparkles over the top. It allows you to make living in this game much easier yet in a very crazy and haywire way, especially when your spells go bad. Definitely kept me entertained for many hours and I have to say I liked it a lot. I think they did a great job on the last expansion set and I cannot wait for the sequel of this game.