The Sims: Vacation
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
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Date 2002-03-26
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtBeing a Sim must be pretty nice. Through the magic of expansion packs, the little virtual people have been given party favors (House Party), magic genies (Livin' Large), and hot dates (um... Hot Date). With all these creature comforts, what more could a Sim want? Well, how about a family vacation to a luxury fantasy resort? Vacation Island is an idyllic place that has sun, fun, and beaches on one side of the island, snow and skiing on the other, and, in the middle, a forest perfect for camping. A trip to Vacation Island is the perfect reward for your hard-working Sims, and a fun diversion for you--like all Sims expansions, Vacation is full of quirky Sims-style humor, and not everything on Vacation Island is good for your Sims. A trip to Vacation Island isn't cheap; you have to pay for travel and accommodations for the entire family, as well as entertainment. And just like a real vacation, you can run out of money fast. Thankfully, while on vacation your Sims' needs are slowed down significantly. They're having fun, and you don't have to micromanage them nearly as much as you do at home. This allows you to sit back more and just observe your Sims playing with the often-funny new stuff. Stuff like a boardwalk Whack-a-Will (named for Sims creator Will Wright) game, a guy dressed as a shark who tries to terrorize the tourists, and new activities such as camping, building snowmen, playing volleyball, snuggling on a bear skin rug (or picnic blanket), and hitting the ski courses and snowboard half-pipe. When it's time to go home, your Sims can take a few reminders of the trip, both beneficial (souvenirs that increase happiness) and detrimental (a common tropical illness). Hint: Fans who remember the Brady Bunch Hawaiian vacation episode would do well to learn from Greg Brady's mistake. --Bob Andrews Pros: Over 77 new items and things to do Truly expands the game Cons: It's probably time for a full-blown sequel

- ESRB Rating: Teen
- Genre: Strategy
- Mission: Pack your bags and take your Sims on a family vacation for the first time
- Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/XP
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