The Sting!
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Date 2001-07-26
Date 2001-06-29
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe Sting, is a mix of 3-D point and click, cartoon and strategy. You play master thief Matt Tucker, just released from the penitentiary. He wants to get back in the game and you have to help him. The game employs a planning system where you "walkthrough" the job, recording in detail all your moves. You aren't actually there; you are virtually doing the heist, seeing where the guards are, cutting alarm wires and stealing goods. Once you are satisfied, you get to implement your plan. This basically means you press play and the scheme that you recorded gets played back, you have no control over this and it will go exactly as you planned it. Each robbery has a specified amount of loot that you need to pick up and when your account is in the green and you have made it back to the car in one piece, a dialogue box pops up congratulating you on a successful job. If you got spotted the jig is up and you fail and have to go back to the drawing board. And ultimately that's it, you pull out of a job, you sell the loot, you buy better equipment so that you can pull off more daring jobs and the whole cycle begins again, until all the other denizens of the underworld think Matt is the coolest burglar in town. Graphically it's not cutting edge and the control system can be a little frustrating but ultimately it's very original, has a great music soundtrack and is well worth playing if you like games such as Thief 2 and Gangsters 2. --Kristen Bowditch

- Ourplan the crooks
- Outsmart the cops
- 90+ characters
- 30+ cars
- 20 burglary targets
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