Throne of Darkness
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
Publisher Sierra
Date 2003-11-21
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtJapanese mythology and fast-paced action make Throne of Darkness a must-have title for action-oriented RPG fans. Ben Haas and Doron Gartner, founders of Click Entertainment and Diablo team alumni, have taken action-oriented role-playing to a new level, invigorating the genre with a new visual style, groundbreaking multiplayer capability, and advanced martial tactics. Guide your seven unique samurai as they seek to overthrow the evil that has overtaken the kingdom and avenge their slain Daimyo. From the gates of the clan citadel to the spire of the Dark Warlord's castle, you'll face more than 30 varieties of fantastic creatures from Japanese myth, including legions of undead warriors, fearsome demons, and giant dragons - all animated in breathtaking 16-bit color. Ten unique levels and dozens of side quests combine to create a truly original combat experience. Throne of Darkness introduces an innovative multi-character control interface that allows for the simultaneous command of up to four characters through a series of tactical "plays, " or formations. Each play is designed to combine the unique strengths of each samurai - such as the ranged attacks of the archer and the two-sword technique of the berserker - into a distinct tactical advantage. Play calling allows for a high level of control and coordination between the player and computer-controlled samurai never before seen in the genre. "The influence of Diablo on Throne of Darkness is clearly evident--but while Throne of Darkness may be similar, you'll find that the Japanese setting isn't its only distinguishing feature." -- Gamespot

- Command seven mighty Samurai each with their own abilities.
- Search perilous lands for new weapons, armour and artifacts.
- Ally or compete against up to 8 simultaneous players online for bone crusjing action.
- "Award of Excellence" - PC Zone Online
- PC: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT4.0 (Tested Works With XP)
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