Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear: Urban Operations
Genre Action -> Tactical
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Tom ClancyRogue Spear Mission Pack: Urban Operations offers fans of Rogue Spear more of the same game. Considering the popularity of the original, that's a good thing. New missions, multiplayer maps, game types, weapons, and the addition of innocent bystanders elevate the tension nearly maxed out by the original game and its predecessor, Rainbow Six. Urban Operations is a worthy expansion pack and a must-have for fans of the series. Urban Operations features two new minicampaigns with five missions each. One campaign consists of brand-new missions; objectives include a battle within a Hong Kong hotel and liberating a subway station in London. There's no story line to connect the missions, though they remain exciting and as enjoyable as those in the original game. The second campaign converts five missions from Rainbow Six, including Amazon, Bio Lab, and Skyscraper. Sampling the old missions in the enhanced graphics engine is fun, but if you're already conquered Rainbow Six the addition of converted missions might feel like an empty rehash. Urban Operations adds the ability to customize and alter mission goals of Rogue Spear and Urban Operations campaign missions. Additionally, there's a new mission goal mode, Defend, where players defend a particular section of the map from advancing terrorists. Versatile new machine guns add to Rogue Spear's arsenal, and eight new multiplayer maps give online players more locations for cooperative and deathmatch play. --Doug Radcliffe Pros: Customizable missions offer a new experience in familiar territory Eight new multiplayer maps enhance Rogue Spear's online component New weapons to master in both single and multiplayer modes Cons: Half the campaign missions are simply converted from Rainbow Six New campaign missions lack cohesion
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