Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 0
Date 2003-12-25
Publisher Aspyr
Date 2003-06-30
Publisher Eidos
North America Retail Box ArtTomb Raider: Angel of Darkness brings back the legendary Lara Croft for a new adventure with all-new dangers and prizes!

- Travel with Lara from Paris to Prague as she tracks a shadowy figure called the Alchemist, who is stealing 14th century paintings from famous galleries
- Lara's abilities improve as you play through the game -- as she explores and solves puzzles, she'll improve her jumping ability, upper-body strength and other attributes
- For the first time, Lara can talk to characters -- the conversations she has will lead her down various routes throughout the game
- More fluid control style for all-new fighting moves and stealth techniques
- There's also a brand new playable character -- Curtis has a new story and different abilities, for a new male Tomb Raider!
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