Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 6084
Date 2006-02-03
Publisher Aspyr
Date 2006-04-07
Publisher Aspyr
North America Retail Box ArtTony Hawk's American Wasteland gives you the total freedom you need, to make LA your Personal skate and bike park. For the first time, you'll skate or bike in a rich, expansive open environment. The sky's the limit as you progress through the Wasteland. No level, no load times -- just never-ending action. You'll never skate the same line twice!

- Never-ending skateboarding action with no levels and no load times
- Travel throughout a rich, expansive open environment in L.A.
- Choose to ride BMX bikes throughout with BMX-specific control system
- More tricks and expanded controls; new on- and off-the-board tricks
- Expanded online and multiplayer options for playing alongside friends
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