Tortuga: Two Treasures
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2007-03-05
Publisher CDV
Date 2007-02-16
Publisher CDV
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTortuga - Two Treasures will have players setting sail as pirate captains in search of action, adventure and of course, treasure. The game tells the story of the young swashbuckler Thomas ‘Hawk’ Blythe, a pirate in the employ of the sinister Blackbeard. After Hawk is captured and betrayed, a dramatic battle for power, romance, treasure and truth commences beneath the Jolly Roger. Two Treasures features epic land and naval
battles, featuring everything from sword fights to cannon-battles.

More than 35 complex intros and elaborate sequences spin the story about the fate of the former slave "Aurelius" while immersing the buccaneers in front of their PCs in the Caribbean of the 16th century.
The game provides cutting-edge graphics during the action packed sea battles and the thrilling sword fights will challenge the player to employ all the skills they can muster.
The cinematic presentation combined with a rich design of graphics, sound and music will engross the player in the adventurous world of the Caribbean right from the start.
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