Total Overdose
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
Today's Rank 25
Date 2005-10-04
Publisher Eidos
Date 2005-09-16
Publisher Eidos
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe search for their father's killer takes twin brothers Ram and Tommy through 18 different environments from the city of Los Toros to the Mexican desert. From stylized Mexican neighborhoods and jungle hide-outs to the swanky California coast; TOTAL OVERDOSE is an over-the-top, adrenaline-fueled, free-style action, 3rd person cinematic adventure with a strong whiff of tequila. Control Any Vehicle - From cars and 18 wheelers to tractors and motorbikes, dive out of any vehicle at any speed to ram enemies and do ultimate stunts. Huge Arsenal - A massive range of weapons. Unlock dual wielding to do double damage. The better you get the bigger your arsenal. Cutting Edge Soundtrack - Spicy selection of Mexican Hip Hop featuring Molotov, Delinquent Habits & Control Machete.

- For 1 player
- Seek revenge on a tequila-fuelled rampage through Mexico's underworld
- Uber-cool characters and missions; rich storyline; 18 different environments
- Free-style combat and stunt system; 20+ weapons; cutting edge soundtrack
- Real-time rewind system to make perfect killer combos
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Total Overdose GC 2005 Trailer
12.35MB - 333 downloads - 18 August, 2005

A new Leipzig trailer.

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Total Overdose E3 2005 Movie
19.58MB - 383 downloads - 20 May, 2005

A super-cool, tequila-fuelled rampage through Mexico's gun-toting, drug-pushing underworld. Go undercover with Ramiro Cruz 'El Gringo Loco', an ex-con, bad-ass fresh out of the joint and kicking up one hell of a Mexican storm.

play Total Overdose E3 2005 Movie download Total Overdose E3 2005 Movie