Total Pro Golf
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Get ready to tee it up this summer with Total Pro Golf. Total Pro Golf puts you in charge of your golf career allowing you to fully customize golfers, sponsors, courses and scheduling. Acclaimed sports sim developer Gary Gorski will also be releasing a free course designer tool enabling players the opportunity to create custom courses and share them with friends.

- Create your golfer and take him or her on a career path from the minor league tour to try and reach the pro tour and eventually retire on the senior circuit.

- Earn sponsorships and win tournaments to help finance your career and equipment purchases

- Hire caddies and swing coaches to try and take your golfer to the next level

- Extensive stat tracking, sim tournaments of watch them in 2D game mode with real time scoring from your opponents. TPG features multiple tournament formats and multiplayer tour ability

- Use the Total Pro Golf Course Designer, a simple and easy-to-use standalone tool, to create courses for TPG that you can use and share with your friends and our community!
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