Trailer Park Trash
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher IncaGold
Date 2006-04-11
Publisher IncaGold
Trailer Park Trash - for strategy fans, both young and old, who like it a little less serious, a humorous and compelling management game where you create your own mini empire - where mobile homes rule! Manage, control and run your community but you'll soon find that life is never easy as your vision to become an entrepreneur is fraught with many obstacles. Trashy or flashy, your choice, but enticing tenants to take up residence to ensure you make 'loads of money' is one of the many aims.
Four settings - desert, swamp, urban and country - each presenting their own surprises and the tasks set for the player will have you frantically making decisions again the clock. With hundreds of trailers, along with amenities to please and pacify your potential customers, getting it right is far from easy. Pull in potential revenue by adding a bar or cinema complex or, for the less sophisticated, a mere hose pipe stand or chicken coup could be the best enticement!
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