Treasure Island
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher HMH Interactive
Date N/A
Publisher HMH Interactive
Treasure Island is an 3D adventure game based on the classic bestseller novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The game combines traditional Point and Click controls and gameplay with breathtaking realtime 3D graphics and SFX. The player controls Jim Hawkins from a 3rd person view by simple mouse-clicks while the camera follows dynamically. The key gameplay element are puzzles. The quests range from simple switches, mini-games, item-combination etc. to complex logical and dialogue-driven tasks. The game's difficulty and dynamics are focussed on fluid gameplay and superior entertainment.

The premium package of 3D and Point and Click: traditional adventure gameplay and controls for optimal lucidity and ease of use combined with a striking 3D art design and outstanding realtime visuals
Exciting storyline based on the novel by Robert L. Stevenson featuring all the well-known characters and locations.
Challenging Puzzle design perfectly balanced between combination quests, dialogue-driven and logical tasks.
Innovative 3D inventory - implemented into the puzzle design- allows detailed investigation of any item by zooming and turning.
Easy item combination by simple drag and drop commands.
State of the art Special FX: realtime light- and shadow effects, weather effects(storm, rain etc.), day/night changes, particle effects (dust, smoke, fire etc.).
Atmospheric sound setting, impressive orchestral soundtrack and premium voiceovers.
3D Characters animated with the latest motion capture technology.
Quest-related special-animations and spectacular ingame cutscenes.
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Treasure Island Trailer
62.5MB - 240 downloads - 10 February, 2008

2:02 of in-game footage

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