Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2003-12-05
Date 2005-11-25
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtRebel Trucker will test your driving skills to their limits as you push all manner of big rig to the breaking point through lush, detailed Louisiana environments. From small forklifts to fully loaded flatbeds and tanker trucks, in this mission-based, high-octane challenge, your first priority will always be staying on track and on-time with your load. Regardless of which career path you choose, you will be racing against Mafia strong-arms, state troopers, federal agents, and the clock as you do

- 10 seriously in-depth missions, full of primary and secondary objectives, with open-ended outcomes, often requiring moral decisions on the fly.
- Over 100 miles of actual interstate, city roads and highways to explore
- Richly detailed variable plotlines unfold in dazzling video sequences and cut-scenes, telling your tale as either a mafia tough, a federal informant, or even as a legitimate trucker making a living on the road.
- Drive any one of five truck cabs and 7 interchangeable cargo trailers, in addition to several more unorthodox vehicles. Trucks include auto-haulers, tankers, produce trucks, even a beer truck for deliveries across the New Orleans French Quarter!
- Advanced driving physics and dazzling, richly detailed 3D environments with photo realistic textures and skins offer players the authentic Louisiana trucker experience.
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