Tycoon City: New York
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
Today's Rank 549
Date 2006-02-21
Publisher Atari
Date 2006-02-24
Publisher Atari
Tycoon City: New York Tycoon City: New York United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTycoon City: New York gives you the chance to make your mark on one of the world's biggest cities! You're a 20-year-old Manhattan resident who just happens to have $100 million in the bank. It's time to build your own empire in the city and turn those millions into billions! Jump into the crazy New York City real estate market and become the next Donald Trump, as you build your business and become the King of New York! Explore city neighborhoods in sandbox mode or play for keeps in realistic business challenges

- For 1 player
- Fulfill your dreams of success in the Big Apple
- Create and customize more than 100 types of major businesses, such as entertainment, media, finance, and more
- Redraw the city's skyline by building skyscrapers
- Expand your businesses with chain locations and storefronts in authentic NY neighborhoods
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Tycoon City: New York North America Retail Box Art

Tycoon City: New York United Kingdom Retail Box Art