UEFA Champions League Season 1999-2000
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United Kingdom Retail Box ArtEidos are back with the 1999/2000 instalment of European football action. Carrying the official UEFA licence, UEFA Champions League Season 1999/2000 has a distinct advantage over some of its rivals: the names and teams are all authentic as are the commentators, including the hallowed Kevin Keegan. The ambience characterises the excitement that surrounds European football, with powerful video and audio introductions. The graphics are surprisingly good; Nwankwo Kanu actually does look like himself. UEFA Champions League offers all the options that have become familiar with arcade-style football games--you can manage your team tactics and make substitutions as the game progresses. The control of the players is simple and as in many football games with actions differing on and off the ball. The only criticism of UEFA Champions League is that it is easy. Winning your group poses no problem and with a little thought you can easily win the cup without too much bother. The game offers several playing modes--there is the standard quick match, or practise matches, as well as the 1999/2000 Champions League. In addition to these games is the option to replay any of the finals from 1968-1999. Also supporting up to eight players the bundle does offer quite a good deal. The design and feel of the game is satisfyingly good and the sound effects, commentary and music are among the best on the platform. If you are unfamiliar with football games then UEFA Champions League offers you the chance of actually winning something. However, if you are a seasoned football fanatic then something more challenging might be in order. --Chris Hall
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