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Date 2004-05-04
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2004-05-07
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtMarrying the glitz and glamour of the Euro 2004 football tournament to a highly playable game, UEFA Euro 2004 once again finds EA Sports in fine form. The idea, unsurprisingly, is that you take your nation of choice through the qualifying stages and numerous friendlies, before heading for the finals themselves with the aim of lifting the trophy. And, thanks to the quality of the gameplay, it's a journey you'd be hard-pressed not to enjoy. Few times can you share such joy with your screen as when your fluid, flowing move has resulted in that crucial last-minute winner. The game is chock-full of moments such as this, and it all serves as a very strong tie-in to the tournament. There are one or two caveats, though. The first is that this is a slightly evolved version of FIFA 2004, albeit with some welcome, if unessential new features. The biggest of these is a morale system, where more confident players tend to do better, while those on the receiving end of hammerings and bookings don't. Some additional skills, options and graphical tweaks pretty much see out the rest of the changes. The second caveat is that the game, by nature of being tied into the tournament itself, doesn't offer very prolonged long-term appeal, although undoubtedly you'll enjoy yourself while it lasts. In short though, UEFA Euro 2004 is a very good, superbly presented and enjoyable football game. And while those who bought FIFA 2004 may not be getting quite the same value for money out of it as everyone else, it's ultimately hard to quibble about the quality of the football on offer. --Simon Brew

- Soccer sports game
- Take your favorite European national team all the way through the UEFA tournament
- New gameplay types include Home and Away, Situation, and Fantasy
- Skill moves include nutmegs, diving headers, and bicycle kicks
- Single player and multiplayer modes
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