United Football
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Date N/A
United Football is a free to play multiplayer football (soccer!) game where each player on the pitch is controlled by a gamer located anywhere around the world. United Football also includes in-game AI controlled “bots” for those times when there are not enough players around to make up full teams, as well as in-game chatrooms, messaging and a buddy list to keep track of your friends. The game is now in open Beta and Staggan’s ethos is “Release early, update often and be led by the community, since after all, they play the game!”

- Easy to play. Hard to master.
- Immersive viewpoint putting you right in the action.
- Fast paced 5-a-side gameplay (and then some!)
- Unique control system.
- Play against your friends, other gamers, or AI controlled bots
- Play the fun power-up game with cannonball shots, shockwave tackles and more.
- Did we tell you it’s FREE to download and FREE to play? Hurrah!
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