Unreal Tournament 2003
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2002-10-01
Publisher Atari
Date 2002-10-04
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe eagerly awaited sequel to one of the PC's defining first-person action extravaganzas, Unreal Tournament 2003 doesn't disappoint. For packed onto its three CD-ROMs is some of the finest action gaming on the planet, along with enough to keep you glued to your PC for months. Packed in this time, in addition to traditional Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination modes, is the fantastic new bombing run. As with all elements of the game, it's introduced by an excellent tutorial, and even novice players will have little trouble finding their feet. Bombing Run adds a new team element, with the aim of getting the ball through the opposition goal. Think a first-person version of Speedball and you're there. The gameplay in Unreal Tournament 2003 is far more tactical than you'd first think, although not to the detriment of those looking for a simple blast. But particularly in multiplayer mode--undoubtedly the highlight of a superb set of games--you need to think quite hard about your actions, whatever mode you're playing. It really can make the difference. In some ways, the game hasn't evolved from its predecessor. Undoubtedly it's slicker, looks better and is more polished, yet the core of the action is still very similar. Yet it's such pure, engrossing entertainment you'd be hard pushed to grumble. In all, Unreal Tournament 2003 is an accomplished and successful marriage of the original with some very welcome new ideas. Even the weaker areas of the game are very good, but when it's doing what it does best it's utterly unmissable. Don't be without it. --Simon Brew

- Breath-taking graphics (using the latest Unreal engine) that go beyond the cutting edge
- 100-200X poly count increase over Unreal Tournament
- Incredible physics engine controlling weapon and characters taking skill and control to the next level
- 6 races, over 50 characters, over 30 maps
- Latest version of the Unreal Editor, making customization incredibly easy and intuitive
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Unreal Engine GDC 2003 technology video
41.58MB - 197 downloads - 31 August, 2003

An 8 minute 10 seconds long "machinima" video showing off the advantages and strong points of the Unreal engine. Taken at this years Game Developers Conference.

play Unreal Engine GDC 2003 technology video download Unreal Engine GDC 2003 technology video