Unreal Tournament 3 > Unreal Tournament 3 - PhysX Mod Pack
Genre Unreal Tournament 3 -> FPS
Today's Rank 10495
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
AGEIA PhysX owners will get the unique opportunity to tear up Unreal Tournament 3 through some exclusive and revolutionary new features never before seen in PC games!

New levels of environmental destruction with true gameplay impact!
Full multiplayer capabilities
Maximum-Impact PhysX using the full capabilities of the AGEIA PhysX Processor
Destructible walls, floors, walkways and rooftops
New weapons which can pull debris towads the target (Lighthouse)
An amazing Tornado which both destroys the battlefield as the game progresses and pulls weapon projectiles into it's deadly vortex
Many more amazing new game play features, specially tuned for AGEIA PhysX
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