Vampire Hunters
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Vampire Hunters is a PC full 3D role-playing game with adventure-like elements that will charm the player with its dark atmosphere of old docks where a mysterious clan of vampires rages free.

- Catchy storyline underlined by a thrilling dark atmosphere. The overall
impression is augmented by an original game soundtrack creating a
slightly horror mood.
- Advancement of the main character including level-ups, enhancements
of skills and abilities.
- The possibility to create your own spells using the rune system
- ATBS (active time battle system, commonly used in many Asian RPG
games including Final Fantasy series) adding dynamics to turn based
combat as well as the possibility to use a lot of hits, blows, weapons
and special combos
- A lot of adventure-like items and non-linear dialogue branching
- With a starting price of 16.99 USD the game offers an outstanding
price / quality ratio
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