Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2008-06-23
Date 2008-06-23
Vega is an arcade styled casual game where speed and accuracy is everything. As precious resources fall onto your base, you must guide them on to a designated landing pad for them to be collected. The only way to change their seemingly random trajectory is to "bump" them in the right direction with small rescue pods that have limited air and fuel. To be efficient you must be at the right location at the right time... with just the right nudge. It's an all around fun and easy to play game.

- Push floating resources into the landing zone with your rescue ship to collect points.
- Arcade style gameplay.
- Use up to 4 pods simultaneously to collect resources faster.
- Meteor Showers.
- Massive Dust storms.
- Dynamic Space backdrop.
- Available for Windows and Mac.
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