Video Strip Poker Boys
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Video Strip Poker Boys is a new poker game which contains a set of 5 adversaries who differ in many ways: their good looks, character and the way of behaving during the game.

The game of Strip Poker is about to get rid of opponent`s clothes during the classic game of poker in order to leave him completely naked. VSP Boys is an interactive PC-game , which makes dreams come true. Dreams which were often unfulfilled.

The big, high resolution widescreen and advanced interactivity of the gameplay are undoubtedly the strongest advantages of VSP Boys. The opponents respond live on the events during the game. They comment, laugh, are anxious or impatient. The illusion, to play with a real human being is almost perfect. The game consists of 5 opponents, which differ from eachother not only in the look, but also in their personality and behaviour.

Being a real multicultural entertainment the game was translated into many languages: english, german, french, polish, italian, czech, russian, spanish, portuguese, dutch.
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Video Strip Poker Boys Trailer
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