Virtual EVE
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Date N/A
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Have you ever watched an adult movie and wished it was more... interactive? What if you could freely reposition the camera to get a better view? What if you could direct the action? Heck, what if you could get in on the action? With Virtual EVE™, you're the director and the star of your very own interactive virtual porn movie!

• Virtual EVE™ features the most advanced, cutting edge real-time 3D graphics. Our beautiful 3D virtual girl-next-door, EVE, is one of the most realistic, life-like, in-game 3D digital human characters ever created. We made no compromises when we created EVE. Her incredibly high polygon budget allowed us to model her with intricate detail, right down to her individually articulated fingers and toes (in contrast, most modern video game characters have 'mittens' for hands).

• Incredibly fluid, life-like animation. The advanced skeletal deformation and skinning system allows for incredibly realistic, subtle, nuanced character animation. Watch as EVE's fingers tighten and her toes curl in pleasure as you bring her closer to her orgasmic digital climax. Notice her flapping hair and bouncing breasts as she straddles you from above. Her movements are so subtle and life-like that you'll forget that she's a virtual girl and come to believe that she's a living, breathing human being.

• High resolution skin texture maps for amazing simulated virtual skin that looks so soft, so real you want to touch it, kiss it, lick it.
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