Voyage Century Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
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Voyage Century is a world exploration game set in the Age of Sail. Spanning the globe of the 15th to the 18th century, you can choose any of several nationalities and professions to play: A British privateer, a Chinese merchant, an Egyptian boat builder… these are all viable career paths in this MMORPG.
Perhaps you will choose to be an intrepid explorer, visit the wonders of the world, mine resources on the outskirts of civilization, discover pieces of a treasure map, solve mysterious puzzles and gain riches in trade. Then outfit your ship, fight pirates on the high seas and gain reputation or notoriety.
Pirating capture your fancy? Player combat in the high seas will involve cannon as well as close quarters combat with grappling hooks and boarding your enemy vessel. Prefer to gain your reputation through collection? Hire guards to protect your back while you hunt down precious metals.
Game advancement is through skills rather than experience points and players can pick and choose which skills they wish their characters to develop. Skills do not decay – if you learn to use an axe, you will always be able to fell a tree – and neither do you have to “unlearn” tailoring if you find eloquence and trading more to your taste.
In a vast game world, you will find historically accurate geography (albeit shorter travel time) and NPC cultures in over 40 cities of the world. A successful game in China and Korea, this game will be free to play at its US launch.
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