War in Europe - Windows Edition
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Publisher Decision Games
Date N/A
Publisher Decision Games
War in Europe - Windows Edition is a computer moderated simulation of the European Theater of Operations in World War II, based on the board game of the same name. Players control ground, air, sea, strategic forces, production and politics in order to change or simulate the events of World War II. The game features brigade to corps-sized ground units, fleets of surface ships, U-Boats, transports, and amphibious assault ships, and tactical and strategic airpower.

Game play consists of either scenarios or campaigns. Scenarios are shorter games focused on a single major offensive of WWII, for example, the 1940 German assault on France. Campaigns start from a specified date and continue through May '45, or the defeat of one side. There are 10 scenarios and 16 campaigns from which to choose.
The main display is a unique "tabbed map display" that allows each player to define and maintain his own set of multiple map views. Set up views of critical combat areas allow one-click switching between areas of interest; set different display overlays for each map view; center any map view on any named location or hex.
Multiple map overlays available on any map view: show supply net, hex ownership, air range, unit ZOC. Overlays can be toggled using hot keys.
Support for any screen resolution (minimum resolution 1024x768).
Playing time varies from less than an hour, for the introductory Poland '39 scenario, to 300+ hours for the full War In Europe 1939 campaign.
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