War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 302
Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
War in the Pacific: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945 is a legendary and widely acclaimed turn-based strategy masterpiece. The scale of the original War in the Pacific is 60 miles per hex and units are composed of individual vehicles, aircraft, guns and squads. Since half the planet Earth is covered by the titanic Pacific struggle, the game is massive in scope, covering thousands of ships and tens of thousands of aircraft. Virtually every ship, air group and battalion sized or larger troop formation is covered in exacting detail.

An all new 40 nautical mile per hex map covering the entire Pacific theater and off-map bases
Six new scenarios, including a new grand campaign with meticulously researched orders of battle
Improved naval operations, including waypoints, mid-ocean intercepts, new ship classes and devises and a greatly improved ship upgrade system, engine vs. system damage, new ship art and realistic new port limits for ships, cargo and repairs
Improved air operations, including more realistic CAP, more detailed and realistic dog fighting, an improved pilot skill and replacement system, persistent plane damage and more realistic plane maintenance, improved for of war, new aircraft art and over 500 airplane types
Improved land operations, including transportation networks defined by hex-side, new operations modes for land units, dynamic zone of control, tactical movement, improved fog of war and overstacking rules for atolls and small islands.
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