War Leaders: Clash of Nations
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 622
Date 2007-10-23
Publisher CDV
Date 2007-10-26
Publisher CDV
Set in the Second World War, War Leaders: Clash of Nations is designed with two clearly differentiated playing parts. The main goal for the player is to win the war with the help of allies, so a change in the course of WWII History can be accomplished by fighting enemy leaders.
War Leaders: Clash of Nations will offer players a complete strategy experience; requiring gamers to take on the role of diplomat, grand strategist and battlefield tactician in a war-torn WWII Europe and expand upon the RTS genre by placing gamers in the roles of the major leaders of WWII, including Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. Political, diplomatic and economic decision making will be the key to success, and sound tactical strategies will ensure victory on the battlefield.

Most complete WWII game ever produced (contemplates all implied parties, war units, ...)
Unique combination of a Manager and a RTS on a single game, providing tones of diverse game-play mechanics.
Total freedom of action being able to change the course of WWII History.
Outstanding 3D visual appearance wint unseen visual effects & qualities on both MANAGER and RTS interfaces.
In-game encyclopaedia depicting all major events in the conflict, characters, battles, ...
Multiple plots of true & "fake" Historic appearance.
Deep Manager, including resource management, diplomacy, research, buildings management, propaganda, etc,...
Variety of game modes (Free Campaign, Multiplayer, Historical Battles,...)
True war Leaders, Generals & Heroes performing on different stages of game.
Historic and prototype units for each country, some real, some really unique and new.
200 different maps on RTS, some of them representing historical battlefields and major Capital cities with recognizable elements integrated in scenario (e.g. Eiffel Tower, Washington Capitol,...).
Vast and detailed scenarios on RTS, including a great variety of buildings, and detailed plant and animal life.
Day and night RTS scenarios with dynamic lightning changes along the battle.
Multiple strategic elements on RTS (trenches, bunkers, houses, ammunition, gas,...) and innovative Game Mechanics (sniper view, training for experience of units,...).
Total level of interaction and destruction of elements on RTS.
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