War on Terror
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2004-10-10
Publisher Monte Cristo
Date 2006-05-12
Publisher Monte Cristo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtKuma/War: The War On Terror is a compilation of missions that recreate critical battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Visit the frontlines of the War On Terror, as you get on the ground in real military hot spots. Comes with FREE month of Kuma/War online service - 3 new missions delivered each month

REAL WORLD SETTINGS well known locations, believable storyline
3 DIFFERENT FACTIONS for a varied game play (World Forces / The Order / Chinese)
VARIETY OF UNITS: control a total of over 60 different and specialized units; infantry, vehicles, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, helicopters and air support
VARIETY OF SKILLS: each unit may have up to 3 passive skills and 3 active skills among a total of 70+ different ones
RICH SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE: the campaign mode spans 3 campaigns and 26 missions ranging from assault missions to defensive and counter attack
ARMY MANAGEMENT: before each mission, players organise their army and choose with units to lead on the battlefield (based on mission points)
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