War Rock
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 721
Date 2007-02-07
Publisher Elephant Games
Date 2007-02-09
Publisher N/A
War Rock is an intense online military tactical first person shooter (FPS) featuring state of the art weapons, team or solo based play and unbelievable missions and maps! Intense with action and competition, War Rock explodes with a powerful arsenal of customizable weapons and vehicles while placing you in control of the most extreme battle mod(#5.1.2es in modern warfare!)

3 Modes of Game Play: Close Quarters Combat – Condensed battlefields where special ops teams from each side are to set or disarm explosives at strategic points on a map or completely eliminate the opposing team.
Urban Ops – The real fighting in this mode takes place from street to street as opposing forces work their way from building to building searching for enemy forces.
Battlegroup – Expansive landscapes lead way towards some of the most exciting battles yet! Heavily armored and finely tuned military vehicles are the preferred weapons for players traversing the widespread maps in this mode. Take control of the map and eliminate opposing forces by land, by sea and by air!
5 Strategic Character Classes to tailor your combat strengths Play as or assemble a team of Military Engineers, Medics, Scouts, Assault, or Heavy Weapons Experts
Various game modes designed to challenge and appeal to all skills, styles and game play preferences!
Tournament Matching and Player Created Content. Free2Play with Premium options to purchase game play enhancing items and services!
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