Warhammer Shadow of the Horned Rat
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher Mindscape
Date N/A
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn the grim world of Warhammer, powerful armies clash in cataclysmic battles. Orc hordes batter at the gates of the Empire, mighty bastion of humanity, whilst the twisted and malign servants of chaos gnaw at the very fabric of society from within. For those who can read the signs, a hideous and terrifying pattern is emerging through the haze of strife and warfare. The oracles and portents all tell of much worse to come, of an impending time of death and destruction unrivaled in the history of the world. As the leader of the infamous Grudgebringers, your are unwittingly drawn into this insidisious plot. Your mercenary army must halt the unstoppable tide of evil that assaults the Empire before all is lost. Rivers of blood will surely flow before the flood is finally stemmed, but try you must, for every sword has a part to play in the titanic struggle to destroy the servants of the Horned Rat.

- More than 40 battles include gorgeous visuals, challenging strategies, and in-depth backgrounds.
- You command a mercenary army, choosing your forces from over 25 troop types.
- Battles are linked together by a detailed storyline, as you steer your way through this time of strife and conflict in the Warhammer world.
- Detailed mission briefings make each battle an exciting part of the massive overall campaign.
- Campaign battle game set in the world of Warhammer.
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