Wedding Salon
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
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Date 2011-02-09
Publisher Sugar Games
Date 2011-02-09
Publisher Sugar Games
In the game you assume the role of Holly, a young ambitious girl in charge of a wedding salon. You start with an almost empty place and only one location, but as the game progresses you earn the money to upgrade the equipment, add extra services and turn your salon into a chain of upscale establishments. You are in for 70 levels in 10 different locations. The better the salon gets, the more clients it sees, and there comes the time when you need to hire assistants to manage customer influx - a perfect chance to exercise your management skills!

70 levels
10 unique salons all over the States
7 mini game types to test your reaction and observance
Demanding clients and challenging situations
Wedding preparation
Business and romance in perfect harmony
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