Will Rock Review

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Graphics: 7.5
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : 7.0
Overall : 7.1
Review by Kurt Knudsen
Will Rock is a spin-off of Serious Sam. A first person shooter with a non-existent plot, lots of mindless enemies, and tons of ammo. If you enjoyed the Serious Sam collection you might enjoy this game.

The developers of the game used their own in house engine for Will Rock. The graphics are pretty pleasant, definitely above average.

The gun models have semi-reflections on them to give them a more realistic look and feel. The animations are almost top-notch, but they leave something to be desired. There are your average guns, and your unique weapons. The way some of these weapons look and work shows the creative side of the developers. For example, when you take damage you see blood splatter on your hands and guns, this is a great effect.

The shadows that you cast are admirable. They show a lot of detail including the selected weapon, and animations. All in all the shadowing effects are very nice, but they can be exaggerated too much when your character is high off the ground.

There are damage marks that your weapons put on the surrounding walls and other structures. Most of them look the same, but it does give you an idea of destructible terrain.

A lot of statues and vases can be destroyed, watching them explode and seeing their fragments fall to the ground and bounce around is nifty. There are sometimes items and keys hidden inside of these things, so blow up everything you see.

The monsters are pretty unique, but watching them come at you in mass numbers brings back the feel of Serious Sam. There is a wide range of different types of monsters, ranging from small axe throwers, to huge ogres with clubs. They are pretty well detailed, especially when you gib them with your rocket launcher.

The maps are rather large, and you can spend a good time on each level. There is usually quite a lot of area to explore before you find yourself to the next load screen. There really isn’t a set direction for you to go; you just got to figure it out for yourself. The textures used on the maps vary. Some are pretty nice, and others are just bland. A lot of the scenery is nice, and the maps are definitely unique, ranging from corridors to an area to an underworld.


The first thing you hear when you start the game is a classic rock song that everyone loves. Twisted Sister starts the game off with their 'I wanna rock’ song. This really sets the mood for what is about to come, some serious ass kicking.

There isn’t a lot of voice acting in this game, you will hear the occasional comment from your character, but other than that, there is no dialog. The main voice acting comes from the intro; it just explains the 'plot’ with a series of pictures. The voice acting in the intro is top-notch, very well done for a mindless shooter.

The music in the game varies from the map you are on. The background music sets the theme of the level pretty well, some slow-paced songs for the boring parts, and some insane hardcore techno style songs for those times when you wish you had a better gun. The music does repeat quite a bit since the levels are so long, you don’t really notice it repeating because your gun is firing almost non-stop.

The sound effects from the guns are decent, nothing spectacular. They sound how they should sound, but they could be better.

The sounds from the monsters are standard as well, 'growl’, 'urg’ and the like. The gun shots overpower any other sound in the game. Every monster has its own unique sounds, they do fit the type of monster they are, a small guy doesn’t have a deep growl, etc.

The game starts off with you and a hand gun. As you traverse the land you see hordes of monsters swarming at you like a flood of locusts. Your objective is to get from point A to point B, while killing everything you see on the way.

Each map has its own setting; traps, locked doors, hidden treasures, and of course, tons of monsters. The only bad thing is, the monsters don’t stop coming, and they spawn out of no where and continue to beat you down until you advance to the next room.

There is a variety of weapons you get at your disposal. There are the generic hand gun and shotgun. Instead of a knife you get a shovel, a very nice replacement to complement an archeologist. As you progress through the game you have the chance to get new and better weapons. There is usually enough ammo on each level to keep your selected weapon full and ready to wreak more havoc. The weapons range from a mini-gun to a sniping crossbow with flaming arrows.

As you progress through the game you meet new monsters and challenges that each level provides. The monsters themselves are not too difficult; it’s when they come at you in masses that you can become overwhelmed.

The maps are enormous and can take quite a while to find the right path, some are pretty obvious, but others you need to be a thinker. You get to see a lot of different types of terrain so it doesn’t get monotonous after a while.


There is a multiplayer feature, much like Serious Sam. There are two types of modes, co-op and fragmatch.

In co-op you select the level and play the game you normally would. You can select if you want infinite ammo and such options, much like SS. You can have a max of 4 people playing co-op, this is kind of a let down because it would be great if you could have more.

In fragmatch it’s pretty much a death match, you can have up to 16 people in this mode. You select the options, timer, kills, etc, and go from there.

There are a few minor problems with the MP feature. There is a lack of MP chat and some other minor glitches. These are soon to be fixed in an upcoming patch. Once chat gets implemented it should be a great gaming experience.