Winx Club
Genre Kids -> Kids
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Date 2006-05-02
Publisher Konami
Date 2006-03-17
Publisher Konami
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe Winx Club is an interactive adventure of fantasy, fashion and magic! Based on the first season of the animated series currently airing on 4Kids TV on Fox, the game is set in a wondrous place called Magix. The game begins when Bloom, a 16 year old Earth girl, discovers she is a magical fairy and is whisked away to this enchanted world where fairies, humans and witches live. In Magix she joins the Winx Club along with four other fairies and the adventures begin. Possessed with a passion for fashion and a flair for magic, these embodiments of teenage empowerment set the tone for exciting adventures. Featuring a strong storyline and wide range of community-based activities and collectibles, the game will bring the world of the Winx Club to life in the imaginations of young gamers.

A strong storyline based on the first season of the Winx Club animated series
A wide range of magical moves and spectacular spells
Accessible controls as well as a comprehensive help system where other member of the Winx Club will appear and help Bloom in her adventure
A large assortment of mini games which promote exploration and puzzle solving
Numerous collectibles that reward players as they progress.
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